Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So much news

There have been so many things going on lately that some times I feel like my head is spinning.

Ian has gone green...

from this

to this

2008 Civic Hybrid

It's saving us financially, but he's pretty depressed about losing his truck. We loved that truck! It was really sad to give it up, but it was a financial necessity.

After trading in the truck, I realized 4 days later that I had left Sami's stroller in the back! OMG! I was freaking out! I stopped by the dealership and they sent me to their reconditioning shop and they had my stroller!! I was SOOO relieved.

Then there's this
BRUNO....I can't get that picture to move down here...

He's been missing for over a week now. His battery dies in his electric collar and off he went. I think this maybe it for the Bru. Patches was gone with him for over 24 hours, but she came back. (she always comes back) I've tried getting her to show me where they went and where Bruno could be, but it was no luck.

I have very mixed feelings about the whole thing. I REALLY miss my Bru, and I love that dog. He's my baby. But here's the thing...he's kind of a pain.

He jumps all over everyone. I've tried working with him, training him, but it just doesn't take.

He steals food the minute you turn your head. He will snatch what ever you have on your plate or in your hand.

He will still on occasion, very rare, but it's happened, marks his territory.

He's been having a bit of an attitude problem lately. He was snippy with me once last summer. Got in my face showing his teeth and growling and scared me. He's been snippy with Ian, but only when he's sleeping and we try to wake him up. Then a few weekends ago, he was snippy with Scott. I truly believe that he would never bite any of us...ever! But he has been getting more and more touchy and he gets loud, growling and showing his teeth and tries to get in your face.

So I'm not sure if maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Maybe he's gone for a reason. What if it got worse. Sami is moving around more and more now, what if he went off on her? What if he does bite? Who will be the victim? What if he hurts one of the kids?

All of these things are very troubling to me. I feel heart broken that he is gone, and heartbroken that he may not be back. I just wish that I knew he was ok. I know that he knows his way home, but he has not come back. And for Patches to be gone over night, I know that she must have been with him. I've looked all around our property, the neighboring fields, all our streets, but have not found him.

All I can do is pray that he is ok and safe and being loved where ever he may be.
I also have a video of Sami trying to walk, lol. I'll have to upload it later and try and post it tomorrow.