Friday, May 04, 2007

35 weeks and worry

The 35 week belly shot.

So we've moved on to the once a week appointments. This weeks appointment was beyond confusing, scary, name it. I should have just known as soon as I walked in the office because there was only one other person in the waiting room.(Normally it's packed full on Thursdays). So I check in and the receptionist (who also happens to be our neighbor) tells me that she had me down for 9:30am. I show her my appointment card from last time that says 10:30. She says ok, let me see what I can do. Eventually I get in, only like a 20 minute wait, which is a new record! The nurse takes me back, gets my weight (up another 2 pounds, that's 23 total for those of you keeping track, lol.) and I pee in the cup. She comes in the room to get my blood pressure and says, "you know Dr. M isn't here today right?"
" Ummm, no. She's only in the office one day a week...Thursdays, that's why I'm here. I'm getting the strep culture today, what do you mean she's not here?"
"Oh, well she's on vacation this week, so another doctor will do your culture. It's a male, is that ok?"
"Yeah, whatever." (I hate this office!)

So the doc comes in and starts going through my chart, reading the notes and history and whatnot. Then he says, "So you have a cyst on your right ovary..."
"Um, no. What?"
"Well it says here that....well, it's really no big deal, a lot of people have cysts and it's probably nothing."
(Begin freaking out)
He has a strong Russian accent so I can only understand a few things here and there that he is trying to say to me. Then he says, "Have they scheduled you yet for another ultrasound?"
(What? I'm 35 weeks! What is this guy talking about?) "Um, no."
"Oh,....cause it says here that there was a concern about the color of the placenta and an area that was discolored and possibly leaking blood."

What the hell!!!
My ultrasound was back in January!!! How come no one told me about this shit until now?

He says, "Well I think we should look at scheduling another ultrasound to check it. I'll ask my boss what he thinks."
"Ok." (trying not to hyperventilate) I know the baby is good. We just saw her in the quickly ultrasound 2 weeks ago, and she's moving like crazy all the time. I manage to hold my composure and try and relax.

We measure the belly, it's measuring 34.5, which is perfect for me. Listen to the heartbeat. Sounds good. Do the cultures. Then he writes me a script for the ultrasound at the hospital and sends me on my way.
I'm half tempted to call my doctor on her cell phone and ask her what's up. But I feel confident. I mean I'm 36 weeks, technically if the baby came now she'd still be ok, this whole visit was just weird.

I called Ian to tell him what happened and he FREAKED out. He was pissed and wanted to go back to the office with me and find out what the hell is going on. I surprisingly was ok with the whole ordeal. He said he doesn't understand me. I won't eat lunch meat for fear of listeria, but someone tells me that I have a cyst on my ovary and something might potentially be wrong with my placenta and I just shrugged it off. He was pretty mad.

So, now I don't know what's going on. I know that the baby is growing, she's moving, she's healthy. That's the only thing that matters to me right now. A few more weeks and I won't have to deal with this horrible office ever again.
We go for the ultrasound on Tuesday (which is also my birthday! I'll get to see my little girl on my birthday!) and then back to my doc on Thursday.

Today I went to meet the babies doctor. All went well, she answered all my questions and really eased my mind about some things I've been worrying about lately. It was great and I feel great about it and that much more prepared.

I think the baby is starting to move down. I can feel her head pushing on my left pelvic bone. I hope she settles in right. She's also been punching me in the cervix. At least that's what it feels like. It's painful, but quick little jabs.

I can't wait for her to get here. I've been thinking she was going to come early, but now I'm trying to prepare myself for her to come late. I still feel like any day could be the day, but I don't want to be too anxious so I'm aware that it could go late too.

Ian and I went to the hospital for a tour of the labor and delivery floor. We learned a lot and are more confident about what to do when the day arrives. I'm a little disappointed that they don't let the dad's spend the night at the hospital. So the first night with my baby, I'll be alone! Well, accept for the entire nursing staff and doctors that will be there with me. Hopefully, if all goes well we'll only be there for one night anyway, so that's not too bad.

Ok, this post has gotten long enough, I have to go make dinner now....have a great weekend!

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