Tuesday, May 15, 2007

3rd time....

Third time's a charm right?
I've written this post three times now. I'm ready to throw my laptop out the window! It has decided to just turn off when I'm in the middle of typing....3 TIMES!!! I could just scream! I started this post last week to record what happened at the doctors appointment last week.

  • My doctor's still not back (Apparently she's in Cali for a conference)
  • I gained 2lbs. putting the total at 25lbs.
  • my belly measurement was behind by a week. (Nothing to worry about yet, but we'll look into it this week if there's no change again)
  • I saw the same doc that ordered the ultrasound last week.
  • He didn't have the results
  • I made him get them faxed over.
  • Everything looks fine, normal.

So the appointment went ok, but I CAN NOT wait to have my doctor back this week. If you recall, she is the only reason I'm still at this office. I hate it there, but we like my doc. So 2 weeks with out her and still going to this office is like torture!

The baby has definitely dropped, I can tell. I haven't been checked or anything, so I don't know if I'm dilated or effaced or anything. I'm kind of scared of getting checked so I haven't brought it up. Maybe she will this Thursday. We'll see.

This baby girl apparently didn't feel it necessary for me to sleep at all last night. I was up until 11pm before trying to go to sleep. I got in bed and she would not stop moving! And I'm not talking little movements either. These were full blown flips and kicks and cartwheels. It feels like she's crossing and uncrossing her legs all night long. Then just for fun she'll kick and push and stretch on my ribs. It's a great time...really.

I'm going to hurry up and publish this before the laptop turns off again....