Saturday, November 04, 2006

4 hours

That we'll never get back.
This morning we went to the ER. The spotting I mentioned in the previous post stopped that same day. However, yesterday morning I awoke to more, redder spotting followed by hysterical crying. Ian and I got ready and tried to call the Dr. but it was too early. So off to the ER we were.
I wasn't in any pain, just terrified and we needed answers.
We got to the ER at 8:45 am. We didn't see a doctor until after 10am and then they did an exam and found no blood! I swear I wasn't crazy, Ian saw it too, it was there. One huge weight lifted, everything seemed to "look" ok. Next it was off to ultrasound. After bloodwork and peeing in the cup. We waited over another hour to get sent to ultrasound.
Finally we get there and there is no Dr. just an ultrasound tech, who was very nice and tried to be as helpful as possible, but he wasn't allowed to tell us anything, because the Dr. had to make the determinations. He could only take the pictures.

Well, we got to see the baby, hear the heart beat, and see the baby moving. It was amazing! I wish I could have seen better, as the screen was on the side of me so the angle was hard to see. I know at one point I saw and arm and hand with fingers, like the baby was waving to say "I'm ok Mom and Dad, don't worry!" At that moment I felt a huge sigh of relief, but I couldn't shake the fact that we still had to wait to hear what the Dr. had to say.
After the ultrasound it was back down to the ER where we waited for well over ANOTHER HOUR! I literally passed out on the exam table and Ian fell asleep in the corner sitting on the floor. It was awful and we were both tired and STARVING!
We finally get the Dr. back in and he said that everything looked great and my HGC levels were very good.

We finally left the ER sometime after 1:30 pm.

I go to the OB next Friday, hopefully we'll get some ultrasound pics that we can keep and share. The hospital kept all the ones from the ER. :(
I hope I can get some more answers and more relief.