Friday, November 17, 2006

Meet the Doctor

Yesterday was our first appointment to meet our OB. It started out exciting then we waited in the waiting room for an hour! I had to pee so bad but was holding it because I knew that they were going to make me go when they called us back, but after an hour wait I just couldn't hold it anymore. While I'm in the bathroom, I literally flush the toilet and then I can hear the nurse calling my name in the waiting room. Are you kidding me! I knew this was going to happen. I wash my hands and come out and then she says "Oh no you went to the bathroom? We need to get a sample, you should have waited." To which I replied, "Yeah well listen lady, I've been here for an hour waiting to be called back, our appointment was at 10am it's now 11am! Your sample was about to be all over the waiting room floor! I'm sure we probably have another hour ahead of us so I'll be able to go again before we leave." Sure enough I was able to go again before we left, although the doctor did not keep us waiting once we got back to our room.
Our doctor was great. She took her time, answered all our questions and never kept us waiting. We got to hear the heartbeat, which was amazing! She had some trouble finding it at first and I was a little freaked out, she found my pulse and I was even more worried because I knew it was way to slow to be good, if it was the babies. Finally we found my little choo-choo train running strong in there. It was so cute and it really did sound just like a choo-choo train, chugachugachugachugachuga so fast. Once we found the heartbeat and Ian heard it he immediately asked if we could buy a doppler on eBay, lol. I think he was excited. I think that if we had a doppler we would be addicted to listening to the baby everyday. We tried to hear it again last night with a stethoscope, lol. Not going to work.

We won't be getting another ultrasound until around 18 weeks :( But she said that she will try and get us copies of the pictures from the ER so I can't wait for those. If she can't get the copies then she told us that if we're really anxious she could do a bedside ultrasound for us so we might have that done if I can't wait.

I go back on Dec. 14th, I'll be almost 16 weeks by then!! Amazing, I can't wait!