Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I am amazed with Samantha. We've been working on the ABC's, we sing it all the time, she has her own version that she requests...don't try and sing her the traditional old ABC's...she will protest!
So anyway...back tot the reason I am impressed. The other day she brought me a puzzle piece (the letter O) and was saying "OOOooo, Ooohh, OOO" I was of course proud and excited, but the back of my mind I really thought it was just a fluke. So yesterday we started working with flash cards. She's been loving the regular old playing cards that her brother leaves laying around, so I figured I would get her her own set so that she doesn't ruin Scott's real cards.
Today we layed out the ABC cards and I asked her to tell me which letters she knew. She could find and tell me the letters Z, S, O, F, and R. Then when I was making dinner she brought me one of her foam/bath letters that she found and was telling me "Bee, Bee, Beeeee" And it was indeed the letter B! After dinner she went back to the playroom and found 2 letter D's and brought them out to me proudly yelling "Deeeee!"
She was also counting today. I'm not sure why but she refuses to say one. She says "twooo, three." then she just repeats two, three, two, three, lol.

I'm just amazed at how fast she is learning right now and how quickly she picks stuff up. She sings the ABC's all day long, it's quite amusing. Her version goes something like this..."Ahh, Bee, C, E, O, C, T, U, V, G, Z."
Hey it's a start, right? LOL