Saturday, April 24, 2010

One Year ago

I looked like this :)

We were blessed with an amazing little girl that not only filled our hearts with joy, but completed our family. She has filled our home and our hearts and we are grateful everyday for her. The year has passed all too quickly and my baby is now entering toddlerhood. On the brink of walking, forming words, and communicating with us. Everyday is an adventure. It is amazing to watch her learn and catch on so quickly. She studies everything and watches and takes it all in, learning and exploring more everyday. Her words right now can only be deciphered by me ;) but they are getting clearer and clearer everyday. (Thank you, Please, Bink, Baba, Mama, Dada, Duckie and quack quack) She now nods her head when you ask her questions, yes or no, and is dancing and climbing and trying everyday to keep up with her big sister and do all that she does. We love you Jilli-Bean, thank you for blessing us with your loving, beautiful, joyful personality, each and everyday.

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Lisa said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Jillian! Ahhh, it's so bittersweet watching our babies grow up! I loooove that adorable pic :)