Monday, April 26, 2010


About a month ago I started selling all Jilli's baby stuff on craigslist. Things like, her swing and infant gym, exersaucer, boppy seat, a whole bunch of stuff. I didn't list everything at once. I listed the bigger things first and one person was emailing me on just about everything. The first time I met her to drop off the things she bought she mentioned that it was for her sister, "she needs all the help she can get." It was a little hard getting rid of the baby stuff and knowing that it no longer had a place in our home. It was all well used by Sami, my niece Oli (for a few weeks) and then Jilli. Each piece had memories of when they were tiny and left imprints on my heart, but still it had to go. It was all in very good shape and I wasn't looking to make a ton of money on it so I sold it really cheap hoping it would go to someone in need and they would be please with what great deal they got. I felt that all come together when she mentioned that she was buying it for her sister who needed help.
I listed a few more things and the same woman emailed me wanting them again and bargaining for a little bit lower price. I didn't mind, I mean after all, it was going to someone who needed it and again I felt good giving it, I even threw in a TON of stuff for her new "niece" and asked for nothing in return. Again, I felt great and was happy it was going to someone who needed it.
Yesterday, I get an email from the same lady again. She had been interested in or travel system, we had talked about it a few times and she had said she would think about it, no problem. So she asked if it was still available. I replied and told her it was.
Today, I get an email from her saying that she is opening a children's consignment shop in August and was wondering if I wanted to consign it to her and I would get 60% of what she sells it for and anything else I wanted to sell she would do 50/50.
My jaw literally dropped when I read this! I felt almost heart broken. Here I thought all this stuff was going to someone in need and I just kept piling more and more into my car to give her for free because I felt that "her sister" needed it and I was really helping them out. Now it is quite obvious that there was no sister at all and that she was buying it all to start her own business. I feel hurt and deceived.
I think I'll bring the travel system to a local charity and really give it to someone in need so they can enjoy it and be blessed as we were...not deceived.
While I realize that someone will still buy these things in her shop and get a decent deal on them, I just wish she hadn't lied to me, it's not like I asked her who it was for, she went out of her way to tell me it was for "her sister!"