Friday, November 21, 2008

Looks like....

Another GIRL!!! Or so we think. It was a little hard to tell due to her position, but best guess is to plan on a little sister for Sami and Scott.
So far she looks just like Sami did. Even had her little feet crossed just like Sami always did and still does.
Everything is measuring right on track...17 weeks 6 days, and a due date sticking with April 25th. She's very active and was dancing all around during the ultrasound today. So cute. We have no clue on any names yet. Ian says he doesn't have to think about that until around April 15th, lol. Something tells me it's all I will think about until then! We had a boys name on the list but nothing for a girl. I think we were both a little shocked. Ian's face was priceless, I wish I had brought my camera to take his picture. He says he knew it was going to be a girl, but the look on his face said otherwise, lol.

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