Thursday, January 11, 2007

That's the info I have for you. A whole lot of NOTHING!

No ultrasound today :( I was crushed! I was looking forward to this for 4 weeks...well actually 19.....well more like 2 years, but who's counting. We had to schedule another appointment with the imaging center to get the ultrasound done. So it should be about a week and we'll find out. Let's just hope the baby cooperates.

So today we just did all the routine stuff peeing, weighing, measuring and listening. Everything is good. I've gained 5lbs. which made the doctor happy but she likes to emphasize the eating in every appointment.

I asked the doctor if I could switch offices and go to her other office but she said it's not really an option. I can switch doctors, but 1) I love my doctor and 2) no one else around here will take new pregnancies! Don't ask me what's up with that because it makes no sense to me but when I call the offices that's what they tell me. I'm just going to have to suck it up and put blinders on when I go in the office. All of the staff at the office are great, it's just the other patients that I don't like. In CT the OB office was always so cheery and happy and full of excitement and expectation, this office in NY is more full of misery. It's an awful feeling. You can tell that 75% of the people there don't want to be pregnant and the next 20% probably shouldn't be prego. Then there's the 5% that I fall into, although I could be off on that one since I've only seen one other person who actually looked pleased and possibly excited to be seeing the doctor.

I definitely don't want to give up my doc, I just wish I could change the environment of the whole experience

So back to the weight thing. I'm definitely gaining now. My jeans finally don't fit anymore...well at least not comfortably. I've tried to buy maternity jeans but none of them fit me right either :(

I'll try to take a belly shot tonight and post it.

The baby is still moving like crazy. Ian finally got to feel it for the first time last night. His face light up with amazement, it was great! It's hard to sit still and not let it be known when I feel the baby move. I just love it so much that I am overwhelmed with smiles and joy. Sometimes it surprises me and I jump or make a funny face.

I can't wait to get the crib set up and go register. Ian bought a custom closet kit for the baby's room, I love it.

Just so I have to wait all over again to find out if the little one is a boy or a girl.