Thursday, January 04, 2007

Locks of Love

Well today starts my 19th week, and my first real day off post holiday. I drove out to meet Mary and Ryleigh for lunch at the Olive Garden (Thanks Mary!) Yum Yum! Then it was off to the hair salon.
I can't remember if I had started the blog yet when I did this last time, but 2 years ago I cut off 12 inches and donated it to Locks for Love. I felt it was time again so I made the cut and there was no turning back. My hair is SO short now! I've never had my hair this short before...well, at least not since I was like 8 and even then it was only short for one year. This is shockingly new for me.

After the cut I went to my mom's work to surprise her and I guess she was surprised since she didn't even know who I was! It took her a minute and a triple take to realize it was me! LOL

Ian's exact words upon arriving home were, "What have you done?!" He said he didn't recognize me either when he walked in. Total Shock!
Hehehehe. I like it so far, I'm just not used to the shortness and no ponytail. So what do you think? Here are the before and afters: