Wednesday, January 24, 2007

21 weeks

The belly continues to get bigger everyday. It's finally starting to get that round pregnant look.
I had to go back to the place I trained in back in for work and everyone there noticed. I was all smiles all day. They were all so happy for me and wouldn't let me lift a finger all day, lol. It was funny to see them noticing but afraid to ask. One brave soul finally asked, she said "Are you...umm (rubs her belly) or did you just have too many donuts this morning?" Others just stared at my belly every time they talked to me and were to afraid to ask.
The simple things in life are starting to get more difficult by the day. Such as, putting on your socks, rolling over in bed (which is now a 12 step thought out process and not just a natural reaction) getting off the couch, and going up stairs. I've only just begun to finally show and I'm really going to be in for it in the months to come.
Lately I've been in pain. Just achy all over. My hips and my back are killing me, I have to sit down from time to time at work and regain my strength. I wish I had something to constantly rub my hips and lower back because that is the only way I can function. I walk around all day rubbing my back, my hips, or my belly. It's the only thing that helps.
I am CONSTANTLY hungry! It won't stop. I eat at least every 2 hours and if I don't I feel like I am going to die! I feel sick and ache and just want to stuff my face with the forst thing I see. This makes being at work very difficult. I feel like my entire day is spent eating or peeing.
It looks as though I will be sticking it out until the end at work :( I am taking an extra day off each week for the next 3 weeks and then I am taking a week off in April. So I'll have to make it about 7 weeks and then I put in to take the 3rd week in May off, so that will be 4 or 5 weeks in between and then I should be out for maternity leave anyway. We'll see how it goes. It gets harder and harder to stay everyday. Work sucks!
Ian leaves for Vegas this weekend, hopefully he'll win a bunch of money and I can quit next week, lol. Does anyone win in Vegas? Wish him luck!

Here's the belly shot from week 21:
Well blogger isn't cooperating so the pic will have to wait.