Saturday, October 14, 2006

Starting 8 weeks!

This is the beginning of week 8. The due date, going by the LMP should be June 1st.

This week while I still have some subconscious lingering of doubt I've actually began to truly get excited. I don't totally expect to see spotting everytime I use the bathroom, but instead I am just so excited that I am pregnant and each time I go I am reassured that I'm still prego.

I feel extremely guilty because I haven't been able to go to the doctor yet because of changing my insurance companies. I should be going on Wednesday since that's my only weekday off for the next 2 weeks. I can't wait to schedule the first ultrasound. I just need to see it to really believe it. I almost feel like buying another tests...just to check. Why is it so hard to believe?

Ian has been incredible! The first night he came home from work with pickles and ice cream. Then just the other night he brought me home a dozen (pink) roses. I think he's bought a different kind of ice cream every other night since we found out. He's trying to fatten me up. I'm trying to eat healthy. It's so hard to eat healthy at work and not spend a fortune. With the puppies and everything else there just isn't time to make a lunch to bring every morning. To get good food out on a lunch break I have to spend nearly $10. That's $50 a week not to mention the $80 in gas and over $20 in tolls right now. Lately I've just been doing the Subway veggie delight. I love Subway and it's cheap but your not supposed to eat lunch meat when prego, so I'm stuck with the veggie delight or cooked subs, which aren't their healthiest variety. I love salads but not McDonald's or Wendy's salads. I think it mostly has to do with the dressing though. Maybe I'll buy my own dressing and try that with the fast food salads to make them better.

Ok, I'm really just endlessly rambling right now so it's time to go...bubye.