Thursday, December 18, 2008

Samantha Claus

I haven't been able to get a good picture of her yet, but she loves wearing this Santa hat! It's so cute. Her hat from last year is way to small so she's wearing the adult size hat this year, and she thinks she's just so cool with it on, lol. She dances around and I sing "Sami Claus is coming to town" She's in the Christmas spirit, despite her rough month or so.

Sami has been sick for over a month now!! It's down right ridiculous! She started off with a little fever and what seemed mostly like a sinus infection. When we went to the Dr. they said she had an ear infection. So, we get a 10 day supply of antibiotics, that were so awful tasting no child should ever have to endure that for 10 days!
Back to the doctor to re-check the ear..infection still there. This round did however, cure the sinus infection so not all was wasted. So home we go with round 2 of 10 antibiotics...this time it's Amoxicill*n, aka the yummy pink stuff.
Two weeks later it's back to the doctor for her 18 month appt and a re-check of the ears again.
Infection still there....take another antibiotic for another 10 days and we will see you in a month...that was Friday.
Monday night after being on the meds 3.5 days She starts a low grade fever.
Tuesday, still a minor fever, and a little diarrhea. Give her some Motr*n and off to day care.
Wednesday...Velcro baby! 101.7 fever, and climbing. Diarrhea. No interest in eatting. Fussy beyond belief and can not be left alone or put down. I decide to call in and stay home with her to save the day care from a very long exhausting day...not that Sami was going to let me go anywhere with out her on my hip, anyway.
This morning, fever's at 102, but she seems to be acting better, so loaded with Motr*n, off to day care we go.
10am I get a phone call from day care, Sami has had diarrhea twice, but seems to be otherwise acting ok, just a little fussy.
I decide to call the doctor from work to see what else we should be doing for her...leave a message with the nurse.
Call back at 12:30, the doctor wants to see her at 3pm.
Call daycare, she had diarrhea one more time and is now napping.
1:15, pick Sami up from day care. She had one little spot by her eyebrow, but I thought nothing of it.
Drive toward home and stop at the store to waste some time before her appointment, and grab some more Pedialite.
Back in the car I notice another few spots on her neck and cheek...look like some sort of bite.
Get to the doctors and I explain the fever, endless antibiotics, and diarrrhea to the nurse. As the nurse walks out, I lift Sami up, holding her in front of the mirror, I lifted the back of her shirt to find that her whole back was covered in a rash! Lay her down on the table, change her diaper, her whole BODY is covered in a rash!!
The doctor comes in and I'm like she Just broke out in a rash!! I mean like JUST! like she was fine when I picked her up from day care, now she's COVERED!!

2 doctors later, she may or may not have the Chicken Pox! She was vaccinated for the Chicken pox, but apparently she needs 2 doses and they have only given her one. Doctors say that if it is the chicken pox it should not be this bad since she had one dose of the vaccine. They are thinking it may be an allergic reaction to the antibiotics. So no more antibiotics, only tylen*l and Motr*n, and we'll see how she does over the weekend. She goes back on Monday, unless it's worse tomorrow or over the weekend, then we go back immediately.

So for now we sit and wait. She's so uncomfortable, but such a trooper. she wouldn't even move until the motr*n kicked in. It hurt to stand or walk. Some of the spots on her look like big welts and are swollen, the others look like bug bites.
I don't know what else to do for her :( She's been sick for so long now and each week it seems to be something different.

The good news....her ear infection is finally gone.

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