Monday, December 10, 2007

Sami's First Sleigh Ride

Sami had her very first sleigh ride this weekend! She LOVED it! And so did her brother and father. I've never seen them smile so much. These boys love this girl SO much!
She was laying down inthe sled first because I was afraid that she wouldn't be able to hold herself up while he was pulling her and if she fell backward from a sitting position that would have been the end of it for her. She looked incredibly awkward laying down so we got the Bumbo and wedged her in it, lol. It was a snug fit with her snowsuit on, but it worked perfectly!

They had so much fun!!! It was AWESOME!

She was really happy, but I think it was too cold for her to smile, lol. She enjoyed it so much, I wish she could have stayed out longer but it was cold and I was getting worried. She never complained a bit and when we came back inside to warm up, we played for about 2 minutes and she was ready for a nap. The fresh air felt good.
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