Friday, December 21, 2007

Quick update...

We've been a little busy around here. Sami got to spend almost a whole week with her BFF Chris Jr. It's amazing to see how much she develops when he's around. He's 6.5 months older so she tries to keep up with him and is amazed at how he can cruise all around on his own.

He encourages her to try and crawl and I am certain that we are just days, if not hours away from a fully mobile baby. My world is really about to change, lol. She is scooting all around and can get anywhere she wants to be, she just hasn't put it all together into a graceful motion yet. She's even tried pulling her self up with her baby gym. (The one in the pic behind her.) She grabbed the side of it and lifted her upper body! I couldn't believe it.

She has 2 teeth! The second one came in the day after the first. Still no complaining from her. She LOVES her cheeri0s!
Right now the whole family has a cold. Yuck! Scott had one two weeks ago when he was here and I think it may have lingered and just caught up to us. Sami is FULL of snot. Ian and I both feel like crap...just yuck, and sore throats. Nothing too unbearable, just an inconvenience.
Christmas shopping has been most difficult this year. You would think that since I'm not working I would have more time to get my shopping done. So not true. Everything seems more difficult with a baby sidekick. My shopping has to be planned around her napping schedule, and eating schedule...then when we do get out, Sami starts to fuss and the lines everywhere are a mile long and there are people everywhere and I just can't be bothered. I grab the few things we "need" (food, diapers, etc.) and head out.

I'm excited for Sami's first Christmas. She's already trying to get at the presents we have under the tree. She loves the paper, I know she's going to have fun crinkling it all up.

I'm having some issues with differences in mine and Ian's traditions, but I'll write about that another time...Scott wants to play chess, so I gotta go.

Until next time...
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