Monday, November 05, 2007

Singing, Dancing babies

Sami has been doing great the last three days, napping like a champ!! I think the time change has some how put her back on track...not quite sure what it is, and I'm sure by posting this that it will not happen again tomorrow, but I'm so proud of her naps!

She is such a joy on the days that she naps! The last two days she's been practicing her singing voice. It's just too funny. She will sit there and seriously sing. She makes faces trying to change the pitch of her voice, it's great!

I made a bunch of homemade baby food the other day...did I post about this yet? Oh well. Sami is curious about the sweet potatoes but I'm not sure she's totally sold on the idea. She tries a few spoonfuls and then just spits it all back at's a huge mess!
She's also been refusing cereal the past three days. I even tried it with the blueberries again and she still didn't want it. This morning we tried to add bananas. She ate most of it, but wasn't really into it.
She seems to be stuck on apples and pears. If it's not apples or pears, she doesn't want it. I'm thinking we should have added veggies first. Oh well, we'll get there. So tonight I gave in and gave her some more pears, but we compromised and mixed them with the cereal, lol. It worked, so maybe I can ween her off the pears and then onto something else.

As is Ian's Halloween Dancing Baby video...

Ok...Videos suck at uploading! Check back later, I'll try to update when I can get the videos up.