Friday, June 01, 2007

Short and Sweet

No baby yet!!!

Went to the doctor yesterday...
I'm pretty sure now that the scale was definitely off last week. 2 weeks ago I was 143lbs. last week they said I dropped 2 pound so I was down to 141lbs. This week I weighed in at 144lbs. so it looks as though we're back on track. Also 2 weeks ago the belly was measuring at 34-35 weeks, then last week we were down to 33 weeks, and this week we're back up to 35. So, we're still behind but the baby is still growing and doing fine inside so no worries.

I'm starting to think that this baby is never really coming...
No 39 week belly shot yet, I'll try to get one this afternoon.

Doctor says we won't even consider induction until after I pass the 41 week mark!! Let's hope she comes out soon!