Sunday, May 02, 2010


God Parents and Guardians. Do these have to be one in the same?

To me a God Parent is one who provides guidance in the child's life, who is there for them when they need advice, help...anything really.
The guardian is that person whom you have chosen to care for and raise your child in your absence.

The problem I'm having, is that I think many people believe that God Parent means that they are also guardian. So do I explain it all when I ask them? Like, You will be the God Parent but so and so will be the one in the will? Or the one to take the kids if something happens to us?

Ugh, the whole issue is just weird and awkward for me. I need advice myself!

Either way I need to get my rear in gear and get this all sorted out and get my kids in church! I want this for them and I need to just bit the bullet and do it!


Lisa said...

I hear ya, girl! We did separate Godparents & legal guardians for the kids (although, with Gabrielle her Godmother is her guardian too!) I don't think any of our childrens' Godparents assume they are legal guardians as well (or at least I hope not!) I'm not sure if this is the norm, but all of our kids have the same legal guardians (my husband's brother & wife). Oh, and it took us a looong time to get our act together & get the kids baptized... Gabrielle was 3 1/2 & Alex was nearly 2 when they were finally baptized together! Luke was baptized as an actual baby at 3 months old. Anyway, I wouldn't mention anything about the legal guardian stuff when you ask the Godparents (unless they say something!) Hope I helped with this confusing matter :)

Choppzs said...

We separated also. When I was asked to be godmother, I never assumed I would be guardian. Like Lisa, our children all have the same guardians, but different godparents.