Saturday, August 23, 2008

More photos

Here's a couple from a photo shoot I did with my Godson.

He was SO much more cooperative than Sami, lol. Well, that is...until he picked up on my tricks, lol. Then he was done too. Guess I have to get some better tricks, haha.

This is what Sami looks like at any given time on any given day! ALWAYS with a book in hand, most preferably a Dr. Seuss book. She loves to read! All. The. Time! Seriously we must read about 25-50 books a day it is all day long over and over and over again! She just loves them. Books and being outside are her 2 favorite things right now. She wakes up, asks for breakfast, then demands to go outside or read some books. Too funny. She will literally bring you her shoes or bring you a book and sit on your lap and wait, lol.

Here's her shot from the photo shoot...the only decent one, lol. She wasn't in the mood, but what else is new.
Two things she did dinner there was a fly in the kitchen and it landed on the light. She pointed to the fly as she always does and says "Ahe? Ahhye? Ahhh." I said yes it's a Fly, I see it and she starts waving! Not sure if she was actually waving to the fly or was thinking I was saying "Hi" LOL
She's also done this with, not that we have spiders in our house, but she just learned Itsy bitsy spider the other day and now any word that you say that starts with the letters Sp, automatically tune her brain to itsy bitsy and she starts doing it and asking you to sing it to her. Tonight when we were at the store she started doing the spider with her hands, so I started singing it to her and she did the motions for Spider, rain, and the sunshine! That's almost the whole song!!!! We just started singing this on Wednesday! I sang it to her twice in the bath tub and she started doing it all on her own! I can't believe how quick she is learning now!

Oh...and the dancing! OMG! She dances and her little feet shuffle and it is so incredibly cute!!! I have to get it on video soon so you all can see. It's so funny.

One more thing, lol. Tonight she came over and asked (more like grunted and whined) to get up on the couch with me. I helped her up, she sat on my lap, and pointed to the TV!
We rarely, if ever, watch TV. Only at night after dinner, when Daddy's home do we ever even turn it on, and tonight she asked for it! I couldn't believe it.
I guess I just can't believe that she is asking for what she wants and her wants are changing so much. She's such a big girl now. No more little baby :(
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