Saturday, September 22, 2007

Baby wear-er

There is a give away at Fina Drea for a baby wrap from Hug a Bug.
It ends today but I just sneaked in my entry, wish me luck. I don't know how many of you other Mommas wear your babies but I LOVE it! It is so easy and comfortable and just handy. Sami is getting bigger by the minute and doesn't want to lay down anymore. She either wants me to sit with her so she can sit up or carry her around so she can see everything. The wrap is great for this. When I put it on and get her in it I can do just about anything around the house or outside with her right there with me.
I wish I had some pictures of her in it, but since I'm the only one that uses the camera in this house, pictures of me are rarely taken.
Anyway the wraps I have are all homemade ones that I did myself so I'd like to have one "real" one to see the difference.

Sami update...
She's doing great! Such a great baby, and so easy that it makes me scared to have another one some day. I think I might be spoiled.
She is starting to watch me when I eat and she gives me looks like she is so jelous, lol. I think she's just curious. She's still exclusively breast feeding right now, but I promised Daddy that he could introduce her to cereal at 4 months. I want to try and keep her mostly on the breast milk though until she's 6 months and then we can start some foods....we'll see how that goes. If there's one thing I've learned in being a new mom it's that plans are made to be broken and they are usually set by Sam, lol.
We have yet to get a real good laugh out of her. She trys real hard though and it sure makes us laugh. She has huge beautiful smiles all the time but the sound she gets out is more of a grunt then a laugh, I have a feeling that once she figures it out she might not stop! She's such a happy baby and loves to play and sing. She's been watching the dogs alot lately too. She'll sit and stare at them and then give them big smiles trying to laugh, it's so cute.

Well, I guess that's it for today. I always have stories that I want to blog but then as soon as I get on here I can't remember a thing. Hopefully I'll have better writing skills and my brain back soon.

Here are a few pictures from the other night after bathtime...

Playing with Daddy

Just being a perfect angel

Sleepy face

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