Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The angels above are singing! This is my little angel still sleeping at 10 am this morning!!! She's been sleeping in late for the past 4 days! Could it be that we might have a sleeping routine? I'm going to have to wake her up soon because she's sleeping all the way to nap time! She used to wake up and be up for about 2 hours before wanting to take a nap, well yesterday she got up and an hour later it was nap time and she still wanted to go down for a nap...even though she just woke up! Maybe she's growing. She's been a little cranky the past few days too...too much sleep? I don't know.
p.s. I know that she shouldn't be sleeping with blankets but she has slept with a blanket since she came home from the hospital. And she doesn't usually sleep sideways in the crib like this...that was her own doing, lol. And she always has her little blankey that Aunt Julie bought her, touching her face.

So yesterday was a HUGE day in her world. We got her ears pierced! We were going to do it on Sunday, Daddy brought us to the mall and it was actually his idea. He went shopping for diamonds for cute! But then she was pretty cranky and fussy and I could see that the lady was praying that we wouldn't make her do this one, lol. Plus, Daddy kind of chickened out and suggested that I do it while he's at work because, "If they screw it up or hurt her or have to redo it I might just punch the lady in the face." LOL
So we went yesterday and saw the gay guy that was recommended by the jeweler and he was great! He took his time with her to make sure that it was right. I felt bad for him because Sam was screaming her head off and we were having trouble getting her to sit still so he could mark the holes. He had to re-mark her about 5 or 6 times on each ear, lol. Her cries echoed through the mall as if we were trying to murder her, I felt horrible! People were staring at her and smiling saying how cute she was. The piercer wanted me to give her a pacifier, but she won't take it any more.
After the piercing she wouldn't let me put her down...she's so cute! I carried her through the mall pushing the stroller, then tried to put her back in it so we could do some shopping but she wouldn't have it so we just left and went to visit Daddy at work.

Later that night we came home and were going to put jammies on but she was having such a good time in just her diaper that we decided to play for a bit before getting her dressed. She was playing on her tummy and rolled herself over! I was going nuts cheering for her and clapping and acting like a fool! LOL. So we tried it again to make sure it wasn't just a fluke and she rolled again! Then we played for awhile on her back and I tried to lay her on her tummy and she would immediately collapse her shoulder and roll over, she did that 5 times! Finally I layed her on her belly and held her arms so that she couldn't immediately roll and she played for awhile but then got mad and couldn't get back over so I helped her and we played some more then one last try before getting her jammies on and she did it again!! I'm so proud of her!! What a big girl!

Ok....gotta go, she's FINALLY getting up! YAY!!!! I can't wait to go play!

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