Friday, December 29, 2006

There's a bump!

My first maternity outfit! How exciting. You're finally starting to see a bump too. This morning I definatly felt the baby move. It was awesome! I've felt it a few times here and there for a couple weeks but wasn't sure if it was really the baby or just gas or some kind of flutter. Last night we used the doppler to hear the babies heartbeat and as soon as I put the doppler to my belly where the baby was I felt it move! It was incredible. I've noticed that if I am sitting down after I eat I can usually feel it. Yesterday I ate breakfast and then left the house to go to the mall and I felt it in the car. Same thing today. I left for work and was starving so I stopped to get a bagel and some chocolate milk and once I drank some of the milk I felt the baby move.
Christmas was incredible this year. We had the whole family here and I loved every stressful minute of it. Julie and Keith even drove up from NC and surprised us on Christmas day...well almost, my FIL ruined the surprise about an hour before they showed up, lol. It was still an amazing surprize and it was so awesome to have my whole family and Ian's whole family here together.
I hope everyone enjoyed there holiday and has a wonderful New Year! I'll be working of course, lol. New year's eve and New year's Day...lucky me I get to work every holiday until this baby is born! Have I mentioned how much I hate work lately? Well, it hasn't changed. Still hate it more and more everyday. Most days I wish that I hated the people I worked with because it would make it so easy to quit, but I like them and they work hard and put up with the same bullshit day after day so I feel obligated to suck it up and deal with it for them. Only a few short months left...